New Union Seeks Recognition

UMMAP Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Unit

For background, the Organizing Policy adopted by the Regents in 2020 outlines the process as follows:

"With regard to the determination of appropriate bargaining units, if a group of employees wishes to form or join a union, the union representing them may present a proposed bargaining unit to the University.  The University will accept the bargaining unit proposed by the union as long as the proposed unit is reasonable.  If the University asks for changes in the unit, representatives of the University and the union will work to reach agreement on disputed issues."

Where we're at: Organizers for the United Michigan Medicine Allied Health Professionals (UMMAP) have presented a proposed bargaining unit for Diagnostic Imaging (DI) workers to the University. The University asked for some changes, so we have been working on resolving the disputed issues. We're confident that we'll be able to reach an agreement and move on to formal recognition for the unit.

The HOA is also confident that the University and UMMAP will be able to reach an agreement and win recognition!