Supporting Our Nurses

The HOA's position on a work stoppage.

The University of Michigan House Officers Association (HOA) supports our University of Michigan Professional Nurses Council (PNC) and their members. We acknowledge that they have a right to organize a work stoppage as a result of the unfair labor practices committed against their Union and their members.

The HOA has an effective labor contract, and its members will fully, faithfully, and properly perform their duties during this period. House Officers, who are off duty, are free to exercise their constitutional right of free speech and join the nurses in any demonstrations or picketing.

Our members are not trained as nurses and should not be asked to perform duties outside the scope of their employment. If requested to perform nursing duties, house officers should first ask whether the request is voluntary. If it is instead a direct order under threat of discipline, House Officers should perform as requested and immediately contact the HOA at X69205 or