And the Survey says...

Thank you for your responses!

More than half of our members responded to the pre-negotiations survey, which was what we needed for a 99% confidence level! A big shout out to all those who responded, especially all those who took the time to add additional comments.  

Salaries, inflation, housing costs, meal allowances, and the cost/inconvenience of parking were your top areas of concern.  However, the overarching theme was winning fair compensation and establishing a framework for additional pay and greater protections, so that you aren't being taken advantage of.  

Your status established by the United States Congress, which has determined that you are not eligible for overtime for hours worked over 40 and are considered exempt from the rules established by the Fair Labor Standards Act presents a challenge when compared to the traditional way employees are compensated.

An employee who holds the requisite academic degree for the general practice of medicine is also exempt if he or she is engaged in an internship or resident program for the profession. The salary and salary basis requirements do not apply to bona fide practitioners of law or medicine.

The union will once again make the case for fair compensation given your obvious contributions to the profitability of the healthcare system and the high cost of living you must be able to afford to be able to live and work in the greater Ann Arbor area.

If you were selected in the random drawing to win one of the $50 gift cards, you will be contacted by Steve Smith by end of business today.