Bargaining Team Prepares for Negotiations

HOA and Administration announce their teams.

On February 7 the HOA will meet with the administration to begin the process of negotiating a successor agreement.  The current agreement expires on June 30, 2022.  Until a tentative agreement is reached and ratified by the membership, there will be no information regarding the salary and lump sum scale for the next academic year.  

The union will be represented by the following members, along with staff members Robin Tarter, Steve Smith, and Dominic Barbato:

  • Kyle Johnson, Urology
  • William Weir, Cardiac Surgery and Critical Care
  • Tessa Adzemovic. Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
  • Ilana Fischer, Otolaryngology
  • Matthew Basinger, Emergency Medicine
  • Emily Ager, Emergency Medicine
  • Joshua Breeden, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Matthew Grzywinski, Emergency Medicine
  • Michael Harper, Pediatrics
  • Sarah Jamali, Emergency Medicine
  • Trishul Kapoor, Anesthesiology
  • Kat Krukowski, Anesthesiology
  • Sam Schuiteman, Internal Medicine
  • Saad Shamshair, Psychiatry
  • Elizabeth Southworth, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Michelle Shnayder-Adams, Interventional Radiology
  • Jaclyn Mauch, Plastic Surgery
  • John Larson, Internal Medicine
  • Nadine Ibrahim, Otolaryngology
  • Jamarie Geller, Psychiatry

The Administration's team will consist of the following:

  • Dr. Scott Gitlin, Professor of Internal Medicine – Hematology & Medical Oncology & Assistant Dean for GME
  • Dr. Laura Hopson, Professor & Associate Chair for Education, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Marc Thorne, Professor & Associate Chair, Otolaryngology & Program Director, Otolaryngology Residency Program
  • Dr. Sapan Ambani, Associate Professor of Urology & Associate Program Director, Urology Residency Program
  • Lisa Miller, Program Administrator, Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Chris Rupkey, Manager of the GME Office
  • Scott Marquette, Associate Chief Operating Officer for UM Health, and Administrative Liaison for the HOA agreement
  • Raya York, Labor Relations Advisor
  • Wade Baughman, Lead Labor Relations Advisor (interim Director of Labor Relations)
  • Sarah Diebel, Human Resources Manager

More information on how the union will share bargaining progress will be shared with the membership after the holidays. Stay tuned!