Union Interests

What will the Union ask for at the bargaining table?

Prior to sitting down at the bargaining table, your HOA staff has been busy preparing for a new round of bargaining.  Part of this process involves the creation of an "interests" document that is provided to the Administration's team so that they are informed and can better prepare to respond to our "asks."  Each of our interests corresponds with contract proposals that will be presented to the Administration's team.  These proposals have already been drafted.  The HOA's interests are many, and include remedies for violating the Agreement.  To review the document, follow the link below.

Interests for Bargaining

The Administration will have their own proposals.  Each party is legally bound to respond to all proposals as part of bargaining in good faith.  According to a widely accepted definition, negotiating in bad faith means entering bargaining with no intention of reaching an agreement. In other words, this is the process of “false negotiation,” whereby a person enters bargaining under false pretenses.

Neither the Administration, nor the HOA, enters into negotiations with false pretenses.  Your bargaining team will work tirelessly to get a successor agreement in place before the current one expires.  When we reach a tentative agreement, you will be asked to vote on whether to accept it.  This is called a ratification vote.

What to stay up-to-date with negotiations?