Inadequate Parking

The hot topic from our last bargaining session.

As everyone knows, the University approved yet another hospital with no additional parking structure on the hill. This creates a real hardship for our members. This was the number one complaint from the bargaining survey the HOA sent out last fall.

The HOA team has shared that the lack of convenient parking has become such an issue it's now impacting our ability to recruit top-tier talent.  The administration has no problem with our members walking to the Wall Street structure at night when no shuttle buses are running.  

Utilization of the 24/7 access in P3 and P5 will need to be re-evaluated.  Several programs assign this access for an entire year, instead of sharing it based on the schedule.  Between 18 and 31  24/7 accesses to P3 go unused for an entire month at a time due to someone being on an away rotation, assigned to an off-site location, being gone on vacation, or on a leave of absence.  That should not be happening.

The HOA's Administrative Liaison, Scott Marquette, led a discussion about parking.  Your bargaining team was basically a focus group answering parking-related questions.  After a considerable amount of time, it was clear that nothing was going to be resolved and more granular data was needed to address the unused 24/7 access.  No written counter-proposal was ever given to us. 

The HOA's additional concern was how opening the Pavilion will impact parking, which was sadly, never even part of the discussion.