Another Uneventful Bargaining Session

Both sides continue to talk.

And talk. And talk. And talk.  The administration shared 8 proposals.  

Their counter-proposal on Parking was met with a less than enthusiastic response from the HOA's team.  There is a lack of understanding about house officer parking needs. We also discussed the entrances to Taubman from P3 and P2 being locked until 6 am when many of you must report to work during the night and much earlier.  Apparently, there is a fear that unauthorized visitors will rush the door when you enter at 5:30 am and it can't be unlocked because there is no staff to unlock the doors and monitor the entrance. 

Additionally, their counter-proposal on discipline, along with grievance and arbitration procedures, showed that they have little to no interest in providing a fair appeal process for academic discipline issues and refuse to separate out which disciplinary issues fall into the employment domain.  The way in which the HOA supports the membership is to advocate and intervene and hold the administration accountable for fair treatment. The administration makes it very difficult for the HOA to represent its members.

We did make progress on Association Reports and got squared away on the Association's dues process. The HOA will be busy drafting counter-proposals to the administration's counter-proposals. Obviously, we want to try to meet somewhere in the middle, but there is a feeling that we won't actually get to that place.