No Interest in ACGME Language

The Administration refuses to add protections to the HOA contract which echo the ACGME Institutional Requirements.

The Administration's bargaining team is emphatically against the American Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) protections being legalized in the HOA contract.  It's no secret that ACGME accreditation is largely about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and funding. You don't get the state and federal dollars for your programs unless they are accredited by the ACGME.  

Over the years, the ACGME has added important protections for trainees to the annual Institutional Requirements.  Unfortunately, institutions need not follow all the requirements.  An institution must only be "substantially" in compliance. When the HOA sought to add ACGME language to the contract, we were surprised to hear this was out of the question and there was no desire to add any ACGME language to the contract.

As an example, the language below was copied, word-for-word, and is from the ACGME's Institutional Requirements regarding work schedules. 

Residents shall have at least fourteen (14) hours free of clinical work and education after 24 or more hours of in-house call. Residents shall have eight (8) hours off between scheduled clinical work and education periods.  Schedules that require a House Officer to perform direct patient care or clinical duties and immediately take calls from home, will be counted as one continuous work period.

Sadly, this language was omitted from their counter-proposal with the explanation that no ACGME language would be added to the CBA. The ACGME has meaningful protections for resident physicians that simply can't be enforced.