Bargaining Continues

Finding the middle ground is a struggle.

Sadly, the administration was painfully honest with your bargaining team and was told, “House Officers get too much paid time off.” Your team made an outstanding argument for increased bereavement leave to 5 days, up from 3 days, with guaranteed bereavement leave for the loss of a pregnancy. Other unions get 3 days of bereavement leave, and we pointed out that other units are NOT working 80 hours a week and on weekends. There was strong opposition to any language protecting paid time off to interview for fellowships or jobs.

Additionally, they have little interest in adding language that will make mental health care appointments a contractual obligation. However, this is something that the HOA is not giving up on. We are going to propose a stand-alone Memorandum of Understanding to address this issue.

We progressed on Holiday Pay and Meal Allowances and had a robust back-and-forth with the administration. We are getting closer to a Tentative Agreement on these two vital interests. The HOA team made progress on the counterproposal for wages and parking that we will present next week.