Solidarity Incoming!

HOA appreciates support of local labor groups for our contract fight.

Two labor coalitions that HOA is a part of endorsed a public letter to the UM Board of Regents supporting our fight for good pay and a fair contract. The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation (HVALF) is a coalition of labor unions in various industries throughout our region. It means a lot for our bargaining team and membership as a whole to know that other unions in other workplaces support us. We all share a common goal that work should be well compensated and treated with dignity.

We also would like to thank our union siblings on the All Campus Labor Council (ACLC) for sending a letter of support to President Ono and the UM Board of Regents. The ACLC is composed of the various labor unions who work for the University of Michigan, both on the campus side and here at Michigan Medicine. As we are all part of the same employer, we all share in the same struggles and their support of our fight is much appreciated.

This is just the first step in our campaign to alert the powers that be here at UM that good pay and a fair contract are not negotiable. The next step is our speak out at the Regent's meeting that we hope you all can join us for