Update: Your Ratification Bonus and Payroll

Details on distribution.

The HOA's tentative agreement provided that the ratification bonus was "payable the first pay date after ratification for all on-roll employed HOA members eligible to vote as of the date of this tentative agreement, June 13, 2023". This language is clear, as June 30th is the first pay date after ratification. Our ratification also concluded on June 19, at 9 am, prior to the final payroll deadline for adding funds, however, the deadline was missed by those administering the funds.

As of Friday, June 30, the ratification bonus will be deposited for those 377 House Officers whose appointments were terminated on June 30, on July 10. All others will receive their bonus in the July 30 payroll.

Additional questions we have received are below:

  1. Am I eligible for payment even if I am not a member of the HOA? Yes. All employees covered by our agreement who were employed on or before June 13 are eligible for the payment. However, this was only possible due to those House Officers who are members of the HOA and supported our team.
  2. Are taxes taken out of the bonus? Yes. It counts as income and there are taxes taken from it.
  3. If I have any further issues, is there a way to contact the payroll office? The payroll office number is 734-615-2000.