Behind the Scenes of Contract Negotiations

Improvements to your work environment.

Have you noticed the card reader from the P4 parking structure to the Children and Women's Hospital? Perhaps the new 24/7 access to Taubman from P3 on level 2? Being able to enter the place where you work should be a simple thing, but it hasn't been in a very long time. As everyone knows, this became an issue during the pandemic and continues to be an issue. Employees and patients no longer have the same easy access to the hospitals as we once enjoyed before the pandemic.

During our recent contract negotiations, we bargained for these improvements. While slow to materialize, we had the commitment of the administration to address these two access points. The hospital will never be as accessible as it once was. Added security concerns are the driving force behind keeping access to the main medical campus limited.

Not everything we bargain makes its way into the Agreement. Through the Labor Management Committee, we continue to bring your issues to the administration. Currently, the implementation of the new CBA is where we have our focus. Questions or concerns, please reach out through Help Scout.