Help Improve MiChart - Survey Extended!

House Officer voices are vital for improvement and you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

An electronic health record (EHR) like MiChart is a very complex tool that we all use every day to take care of our patients. To make this experience exceptional, it is critical that we understand your current state so we can successfully implement and optimize our systems to better meet your needs.  We are interested in the tools you use, how they help you care for patients, training effort impacts, workflow, workload, and burnout.  

Please take 10 minutes and give candid feedback on multiple aspects of MiChart and invest in your future EHR and workplace satisfaction.  

What to know about selecting your role before starting:

Please select a role from the available list. If you do not see your specific role, select the next closest one as choosing ‘other’ will prompt the survey to close. Since this is a national survey, we are required to have the same roles listed as every other institution to benchmark the data.  The specific role matters less than the overall feedback obtained and voicing your opinion. 

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To thank you for your time and consideration, you can be entered in a random drawing to win one of four $100 Amazon gift cards.  

This survey is being conducted by KLAS Arch Collaborative - a national group. Michigan Medicine has joined this group to benchmark clinician experiences with their EHR. This allows your feedback to have national relevance. Even if your name is entered for the data match-up portion, no identifying information is received. Everything is anonymous and viewed in aggregate by role. 

Your time and input are valuable, and the MM leadership would greatly appreciate your participation in this important survey!