The following categories of committees shall have one (1) seat allotted for an HOA appointed representative for each committee contained within:

  1. Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs(ECCA) and ECCA subcommittees.
  2. Hospital OR Committees
  3. Graduate Medical Education Committee(GMEC) and GMEC subcommittees.
  4. Other: Capacity Governance, MCAC, Clinic Radiation subcommittee, Critical Care Steering committee, HSCQC, Clinical Quality committee


The Association reserves the right for final selection and/or approval for each Employee committee member when said Employee committee member will, in general, serve as an Association representative. At least one Association-endorsed (1) Employee member shall be designated to each committee listed above, with the exception of the GME Committee. In addition to the Association appointed representative, the Employer reserves the right to appoint any additional House Officers to any committees as it deems appropriate.


The Employer shall appoint a house officer to each of the following committees:

  1. GME Special Review Committee
  2. Credentialing and Privileging Committee
  3. Medical Liability Review Committee(MLRC)


The Association will have the ability to appoint two (2) members to serve on the GMEC. Two (2) additional seats on the GMEC will be selected through a general election process conducted by the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. Each House Officer member of the GMEC would receive a vote on the committee.


It is understood that the voting rights of the Employee committee members may vary by committee, and members on a committee shall, in general, have one (1) vote, except in the case of Employee members of the GME Committee, or when otherwise mutually agreed upon by both the Employee member(s) and the respective Committee Chair.


Association appointed members will brief the Association on updates from committee meetings as needed. Minutes, communications, and agendas of committees containing an Association member will be available upon request to the Association Administrator.


The Association shall furnish the Employer, with the names of the Employee member(s) it appoints to each of the listed committees and shall promptly notify the respective Committee Chair of any changes. At least annually, the Employer and Association shall meet to discuss committees containing an Association representative and whether the University has established new committees within the categories listed within paragraph 229.


In the event that a new committee is established, the Employer and the Association, by mutual agreement, may include an Association-endorsed Employee committee member on the new committee. If, by mutual agreement, it is decided that it is not necessary to appoint an Employee to a committee, alternative means for soliciting Employee input on issues of concern to the Employees and the Association shall be agreed upon mutually.


It is understood that when a committee agenda includes a subject concerning the Employer's relationship (existing or potential) with any union, or involves the administration of any collective bargaining agreement or wages or benefits for any employee, whether or not members of this bargaining unit, Employees in attendance may be excused from that portion of the committee meeting by the Chair of the Committee.