HO Lounge

When visiting the HO Lounge, some things to consider...

The House Officer's Lounge is a space originally bargained for during contract negotiations many years ago.    It is included in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and was designed as a space where HO's could gather and relax, watch television, grab a cup of coffee and discuss issues of interest, including patient care, in a secure environment.

Today, the lounge has morphed into a multi-functional space with 12 computer work stations - each with telephone, 2 LaserJet printers, break tables, a hot beverage station, HD television, massage chair, and couches.  The lounge is a lunch and break-destination for many HO's.  It is typically frequented by HO's assigned to consult services.

The "HO Lounge," as it's referred to by many, doesn't replace your team rooms or the responsibility the University has, through your program, to provide you with adequate resources.  The House Officers Association manages the lounge, and generally maintains the space.  Although we receive funding through the Joint Operations Committee of $4,000 per year for printing supplies, all other financial support of the space is paid for with house officer dues.  

Supplies are coordinated through the HOA on a bi-weekly basis.  Unavailability of products, consumption of products, budget limitations, and varied delivery schedules, may result in not having whatever you are looking for.

The HO Lounge is for the exclusive use of the House Staff.  This excludes medical students, who do not have access to the space.  However, for educational purposes, from time-to-time, medical students will be allowed in the space when accompanied by a house officer.  

Items left unattended in the lounge will be taken to the "Lost and Found" on the 1st floor of UH after 2 or 3 days.  Please, DO NOT leave medical supplies in the HO Lounge.  Environmental Services will not maintain the space when this occurs.

The HOA Executive Director, Robin Tarter, can be found in the office adjacent to the lounge and is also a Notary Public, should you have a need for that service.  Questions or concerns regarding the HO Lounge should be directed to Robin.

Holiday Pay Details

You can substitute 2 alternative days in place of a holiday.

A holiday will commence at 12:00 AM on the calendar date of the holiday and will continue for the twenty-four (24) hour consecutive period until 12:00 AM the day after the holiday.

Any House Officer may substitute up to two (2) alternative days of his/her choice for any of the previously defined House Officer holidays within any July 1 to June 30 period. These substitutions will be mutually agreeable to the House Officer and his/her Program Director. That House Officer will be eligible for holiday pay if he/she has any assigned clinic responsibilities on those agreed-upon substitute dates.

House Officers are responsible for submitting a notice of eligibility for holiday pay to their Program Director or designated program official within sixty (60) days of a House Officer holiday when they were assigned clinical responsibilities. The programs will then notify the Graduate Medical Education office of those House Officers who are to receive holiday pay for a given House Officer holiday. Program Directors signature will be used to verify all House Officer holiday pay requests. Any question regarding eligibility for holiday pay will be resolved by a House Officer's Program Director.

Every effort shall be made to honor the requests for the religious requirements by House Officers for observances of religious holidays.


Fellows and Moonlighting

Are you eligible?

Article IX - Extracurricular Medical Practice (moonlighting), of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, guarantees your right to work and receive compensation as a physician, in addition to your on-the-job training responsibilities at UMHHS.  However, in order to protect patient safety, and ensure your training isn't compromised, only a house officer in good standing who wishes to moonlight is permitted to do so.  

A Program Director must provide concrete reasons why a particular House Officer should not be allowed to moonlight.  Reasons may include poor in-service exams, incident reports, poor performance reviews.  Vague statements such as "moonlighting will impair your training here" are not valid criteria to use in denying the House Officer's request.

If your Program Director denies your request to moonlight and has a blanket policy of not allowing moonlighting, given the scenario above, please discuss this with your program director.  Once your performance has been evaluated, and you have demonstrated your good standing, you should be granted moonlighting privileges in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Not granting you moonlighting privileges if you are in good standing is a violation of the CBA. 


Annual HOA Social

Meet Up At Dominick's!

Start the weekend with a "Happy Hour" type event at Dominick's on Monroe.  Drinks and appetizers provided by the HOA.  Please remember your UM ID.  We will be upstairs on the balcony from 6 to 10 pm on Friday, July 25. 

Parking Memorandum of Understanding

So when do I qualify for a P2 parking voucher? When should I use the valet?

An employee who has been assigned to an off-site location and is required to return to the main medical campus prior to 4 pm (given that at 4:00 pm they will have access to P3) will not have to pay for parking fees incurred in the Patient/Visitor parking area (P2).  If this is you, you are entitled to a parking voucher or coupon from your program coordinator or their designee.  If your coordinator is unavailable, the vouchers are available at the main desk located on floor 1 of the Taubman Center.

The voucher program is not for a HO assigned to an inpatient service or hospital clinic. Only if you are assigned to the VA, Briarwood, NCRC, Dominos Farms or one of the other numerous off-site locations, and required by your program to return to the hospital (didactics, rounds, or other clinical or educational duties), do you then qualify for a coupon.  

Employees who are called to the hospital for an emergency consult, whether in the Emergency Department or on service, may use valet parking at the Emergency Entrance at no expense.  You will need to provide the valet attendant with proper ID (your badge) and indicate which service the consult is related to.

Please don't abuse the system.  It is understood that impact on Patient/Visitor parking needs would be reason for modification of the collective bargaining agreement.