HOA Has Vetted AirWatch

What do HO's need to understand?

AirWatch does not allow the employer to access your personal information.  Any data on your personal device remains secure and password protected.  

While the University currently could get a court order via the appropriate legal channels (Hospital Compliance Office, etc.) to gain access to your emails and texts, they would have to prove there was just cause and involve some type of “public good” - very difficult to obtain unless solid evidence is substantiated.  Airwatch doesn’t change that.

This device management service is necessary for your convenience in accessing University email and MiChart. 

Please don't wait until the last minute to enroll your device.  It doesn't take long.  The HOA will be sending out simplified instructions for both iPhone and Android as well as times when an MCIT representative will be in the HO Lounge to provide support.

There is both an iPhone and Android changer in the HOA Office.  An 80% battery is necessary when you enroll.  Additional information can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

AirWatch Talking Points

Mcard Reader Locations

Reminder, use it or lose it!

For those of you with hefty balances on your Mcard, besides the Medical Campus, here are additional locations where your cards can be used:

  1. Michigan League
  2. Michigan Union
  3. Palmer Commons
  4. Hillel Foundation
  5. Pierpont Commons

Any unused amounts, upon termination, cannot be cashed in.  

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no Mcard readers available at the registers at Flavors Cafe located at NCRC.  However, new card readers have been installed in the vending areas of both UH and the C & W.

Meal Money

Share your suggestions.

The HOA through the Joint Operations Committee is revisiting the meal money process.  The amounts that were established in October of 2008, have not been adjusted as established in the current Agreement.  Since that time, many programs have begun staffing using a shift model that may not include the 7 pm hour, which triggers some meal money assignments.  Consequently, some house officers who work for 12 hours, receive nothing because they leave before 7 pm.

Representatives from the University have agreed that perhaps it is time to overhaul the entire system, not just increase the amounts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It was suggested that the number of hours logged into MedHub could trigger the amount of meal money each house officers receives.  

Equity being a goal, everyone would get something, and the house officers who work the most, should receive the most money.

If any house officers has ideas about meal money, or can share with the HOA how a peer institution might be better addressing this issue, please email Robin.

No AVI No Problem

Exiting P2 just got easier!

On the rare instance that P3 would have no available program parking after 4 pm, all house officers should use P2.  You will need your spitter ticket and UMID to exit P2.  You do not need a coupon/voucher.

House Officers with 24 Hour P3 access who use a swipe card (their badge) should use P2 when parking isn't available in P3.  At this time, there is no card reader between 3.0/3.5 of P3.  You will need your spitter ticket and UMID to exit P2.  No stop is required at the Taubman desk.  This will avoid any confusion regarding the coupon/voucher program that is largely administrated through the programs and pre-arranged.

Please note, nothing has changed for those HO's who are assigned to off-site locations and are required to return to the main medical campus between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.

Your patience is appreciated as we fine tune this process!

HO Discipline and Your Rights

HO Discipline and what it means for you.

The  HOA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is very specific.  "The employer shall not discharge or take disciplinary action without just cause," Article XVIII.  

House officers are a protected class of worker as members of the HOA.  As such, you are entitled to representation when faced with discipline.  This entitlement is known as your Weingarten Rights.  

The CBA goes on to state that, "It is the intent of the employer to assure that each House Officer is given appropriate due process in any issue concerning unsatisfactory work performance."

The HOA is concerned that elements of due process are not always adhered to, and that you may find yourself in a position where you may need some assistance.  The goal of any union is to make sure their members are treated fairly.

Please contact Robin, X69205, with any questions or concerns you may have surrounding your rights.