Gym Access

Here's what's happening with House Officers being able to exercise on the main medical campus.

Currently there are multiple variables that exist when it comes to House Officers accessing the UH 9C Gym.  While all HO's have the access added to their badges, MHealthy programs have been using the space during the times House Officers are contractually allowed to use the space.  While this is a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the HOA is working with hospital administration to appropriately address the issue.

As you may, or perhaps may not know, the HOA has long been on the list of organizations requesting the allocation of space in University Hospital South in order to partner with other employee groups to retrofit a large area with fitness equipment.  

House Officers will be updated with any progress we make in our efforts to secure space.  In the mean time, the HOA will work closely with hospital administration and Psychiatry to address issues surrounding access to the UH 9C Gym.


HOA Negotiated Lump Sum

Reminder, review your pay stub.

It's that time of the year...  your November pay stub becomes slightly complicated.  You will receive your regular base pay as well as your Lump Sum, automatically deposited as a single amount, into your specified bank account.  You will also have a deduction for union dues or the representation service fee, both $42.50.

If you have been on an extended Leave of Absence or classified as less than a full time equivalent appointment, your lump sum will be adjusted.  Graduate Medical Education and your program make the determination on the amount of your Lump Sum, based on the language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

If you have adjusted your W4 through Wolverine Access, remember to change it back after receiving your Lump Sum.

Informal Disability Insurance Q and A

Mike Flynn to visit on Friday, November 21.

The HOA's Long-term Disability provider representative will be in the HO Lounge on Friday between 11 am and 1 pm, to answer your questions about disability insurance.  Mike Flynn will be bringing in subs from Jimmy John's.  Interested House Officers are encouraged to stop by.

HOA Thanksgiving Luncheon

HO's working on November 27, will be treated to a traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Lunch is being served in UH Dining Rooms A/B for House Officers working on Thanksgiving beginning at 11 am, until food runs out or 2 pm, whichever comes first.  This is for House Officers only.  The same meal is being catered for House Officers working at the VA in room B252a beginning at 11:30 am.

What's on the menu you ask?  Roasted turkey with gravy and traditional stuffing, green beans, walnut apple salad, mashed potatoes, desserts and beverages.


OHEI Diversity Network

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion is seeking participants for the Diversity Network.

Dr. David Brown, a faculty member from Otolaryncology, is working with the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion.  He has organized an email list of House Officers called the OHEI Diversity Network for the purpose of residency applicants being able to email those on the list if they have questions about Michigan, the climate, culture, etc.  

His current list includes African American and Latino residents who volunteered to be on the list.  He would like to reach out to the LGBT House Officers to see if they would like to be on the list as well.  Please contact Dr. Brown if you would like to be added or have any questions.