The Employer agrees to provide access to the UH South Wellness Facility for all House Officers. To the extent that a user fee continues to be assessed this facility, the House Officer will be responsible for their payment on the same terms and conditions as non-bargained for employees.


If, over the term of the Agreement, an additional exercise facility is identified, the Association will have access to it. If the Association identifies exercise space within its allotted rooms, the University will furnish the equipment mutually agreed upon. Maintenance of this equipment will be the responsibility of the Association, whose members would have exclusive use of the room.


Further, the University agrees to explore the feasibility of including an employee exercise facility in any new building replacement discussions. Existing space committees will be identified so that time lines for long and short term options of identifying alternate exercise facility space can be established.


House Officers who are not members of the UH South Wellness Facility but who need access to shower/locker facilities shall be granted access to the shower/locker room located on B1 Taubman Center.