If a House Officer is assigned to a facility that is more than fifteen (15) miles round trip to and from the University, they shall receive reimbursement for the total mileage, at the University's standard rate at the time of assignment. The University Hospital shall be considered the point of origin. Reimbursement will be made by the House Officer's Department upon request of the House Officer.


Reimbursement shall not be required when transportation is provided or made available by the Employer.


When a House Officer's Program Director approves a professional development experience and expenses approved for reimbursement are incurred, the House Officer and the designated delegates and approvers will abide by the timeliness requirements established for reimbursement. If a House Officer does not meet the timeliness standards, the Department may decline reimbursement, however, at no time will a House Officer fail to be reimbursed if the CONCUR delegate and/or approver fails to meet the deadline.


To the extent practicable, the Association will be notified of any changes in the reimbursement policy thirty (30) days prior to the implementation of any change so that the Association can assist in the communication of the changes to Employees.