In addition to the on-line orientation modules, the Employer currently organizes at the institutional level (e.g. organized by the GME Office), in-person on-boarding days for incoming Employees, which typically include activities such as obtaining their University identification badges, completing the Occupational Health Services health assessment, and I-9 completion. To the extent that the Employer continues to organize these institutional-level on-boarding days, the Association will be provided with the opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with House Officers at any such events that are held for groups of 20 or more House Officers and occur between June 16 and August 1 each year. The HOA shall be provided with space similar to that provided to the University of Michigan Health System or University departments or groups who participate in the on-boarding days, in a visible location, and shall have the opportunity to distribute written literature. For all other incoming House Officers, the Employer will provide each House Officer with a hard-copy packet of information about the Association during the on-boarding process. Each year, no later than May 1, the Employer will notify the Association of the approximate number of packets needed for this purpose. The Association will provide the packets to the Employer no later than June 1.