Generally, Labor-Management Committee meetings will be held on a quarterly basis, unless urgent matters require additional meetings. Special consideration will be given to House Officers schedules to promote attendance, which could include evening or early morning meetings in the hospital buildings. Either party may request an LMC meeting if a recurring or an emergency meeting is needed. At a reasonable time in advance of LMC meetings, the parties shall exchange agendas, including discussion topics described with sufficient specificity to allow the parties to prepare for such discussions, and lists of the names of persons who will attend. Subjects that may be discussed at these meetings shall include, but are not limited to, the following subjects:

  1. Implementation and administration of the collective bargaining agreement (excluding matters covered by a grievance or other legal proceeding);
  2. Changes which might affect bargaining unit members;
  3. Information of general interest to the parties;
  4. HOA representatives' opportunity to share the concerns of their members and/or to make suggestions on subjects of interest to their members
  5. Quality improvement;
  6. Institutional compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements; and
  7. Discussion of topics referred to the LMC by other Articles of this Agreement.