Facilities Update

Please let the HOA staff know if something isn't working properly.

The 12 work stations in the HOA's Lounge have the Window's 10 Operating System.  Call room computers have also been upgraded to Window's 10.  Please, let us know if the computer or phone in your assigned call room needs service.  The HOA staff rely on House Officers to contact us if call rooms need to be serviced in any way, including EVS.  It has come to our attention that some call rooms are not being cleaned as specified in the collective bargaining agreement.

Just a reminder that you no longer need to dial the hospital operator for an outside line in the HOA Lounge.  An outside line will automatically connect by dialing 97 + 1 and the number (including area code) you're calling.  This upgraded access in the lounge will be monitored for abuse.  The majority of call rooms do not have the same level of access and a hospital operator must connect you.