May Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health programs specifically for House Officers are available.

Burnout and depression are issues House Officers deal with at rates higher than the general population. We want to remind all House Officers they are not alone and we are here to help.

There is a program set up specifically for House Officers allowing them to get evaluated without documentation in MiChart or billing insurance. If ongoing treatment is recommended you will be able to continue seeing the attending psychiatrist who conducts your initial evaluation, and subsequent visits will be billed and documented in the usual fashion.

During recent contract negotiations, the HOA successfully advocated for a process that allows our Psychiatry residents to recieve the same benefit the House Officer Mental Health program offers others without seeing their own attendings for treatment.

Please see the FAQ below for a link to the House Officer Mental Health Program and other helpful mental health resources.

House Officer Mental Health Program

A list of mental health resources available to house officers, provided by the UM House Officer Mental Health Program

U-M Resources

House Officer Mental Health Program

phone: (734) 763-9853

Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience

phone: (734) 763-5409

Office of Clinical Affairs

Consulting Psychiatrist
phone: (734) 936-2466

Spiritual Care

phone: (734) 936-4041

U-M Psychiatric Emergency Services

Available 7 days/week, 24 hours/day
phone: (734) 936-5900


Local Resources

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health

phone: (734) 544-3050


National Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

phone: (800) 273-8255


NEW FOR 2024: The Psychiatry Department has implemented a new process for House Officers to utilize for receiving Mental Healthcare that does not require them to utilize their attendings. The Department has worked out a new partnership with MSU that allows residents to utilize services there. To utilize this program, House Officers in the Psychiatry Department seeking evaluation and care may contact April Wesner by emailing or calling 734-763-9853. When you identify yourself as a psychiatry trainee, April will connect you directly with Nikki Peterson, clinic manager at MSU. Nikki will gather the necessary information, including insurance, and schedule you with one of the approved MSU faculty members. Appointments may be virtual or in person, depending on the trainee’s preference.