DER / DMC Residents Unionize

Resident and fellow physicians employed by Detroit Education & Research and working at DMC have voted 508-8 to unionize.

On June 4, 2024, resident physicians and fellows employed by Detroit Education & Research and working at Detroit Medical Center hospitals successfully voted 508-8 to unionize. Their union, the Alliance of Resident Physicians (ARP) is affiliated with AFT Michigan. They join residents employed by Wayne State University (WSU), who unionized with ARP last year.

The HOA has been closely watching this unionization effort for the past year and are excited to congratulate them on their victory.

“Our hospital system is a vital part of Detroit, and this unionizing effort shows how invested we as resident physicians are in improving our hospital and our ability to care for our community,” said Dr. Kendel Ridgeway, a member of ARP. “This unionization drive was successful because residents know that through a union we can bargain together for the resources, safer working conditions, and support we deserve on the job while ensuring patients are receiving the best care possible and improving the hospital system as a whole.”