The Employer and the Association agree that there will be no discrimination in the application of this Agreement because of race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, sex or sexual orientation.


Nothing in this Article shall be construed to prevent an employee alleging discrimination from exercising constitutional or statutory rights which may be available.


The Employer and the Association recognize the need for increased female and under-represented minority representation in all areas of medicine. We support efforts to increase representation at The University of Michigan Health System.


In addition, the Employer agrees to provide the Association with data annually of the female and minority representation of the House Staff.


The Employer and the Association will continue to support mutually agreeable programs to promote the diversity of the House Staff.


The Employer and HOA are committed to preventing and eliminating discrimination and sexual harassment of all staff. To that end, all parties will agree to follow the University policies and procedures regarding Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.


House Officers will be informed of the University's policies and procedures regarding harassment and discrimination issues. House Officers will receive the University's pamphlet on Sexual Harassment upon their hire to the Health System during their orientation which will include a list of departments a House Officer can contact if they are experiencing discrimination or harassment. If the circumstance arises where this pamphlet will no longer be distributed at orientation, the Employer will make reasonable efforts to notify the HOA of the change and any alternate method for communicating this information.


In the interest of providing support to the House Officers, the HOA will be furnished with a list of resources and departments to assist House Officers with seeking assistance regarding instances of discrimination or sexual harassment.


A House Officer also has the right to pursue a legal remedy for sexual harassment in addition to, or instead of, using internal reporting procedures.