The Association and the Employer agree to review all House Officer Parking Programs on a quarterly basis through the Labor-Management Committee (LMC). Under this Agreement, House Officers have three (3) different parking programs in order to meet the unique parking needs related to House Officers' work schedules and rotations, as well as access to the emergency entrance valet, as outlined in paragraph 174. These three (3) programs are referred to as the 24/7 Access Program, the After-Hours Access Program, and Coupon Access Program.


24/7 Access Program. The Employer currently provides designated parking in the form of 24/7 access to the P3 or P5 parking structures, with such access being provided to three hundred eighty-eight (388) eligible Employees at any given time. The Employer retains the discretion to determine the location of the 24/7 Access Program, or any portion thereof, within any of the follow structures; P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5. Further, it is understood that this 24/7 access remains available only for Employees who meet certain agreed upon criteria during a given period of time.


Programs can request access for qualifying House Officers no more frequently than every two (2) weeks. In order to participate, possession of an annual Blue AVI permit or a monthly Blue parking permit is required.


House Officers must park in spaces signed for program use and can only overflow into Visitor Parking when assigned structures become full.


House Officers must use the entrance/exit lanes assigned for this parking program.


The Employer and the Association shall, through the Labor-Management Committee (LMC), jointly review the allocation of available P3 24-Hour parking access between programs, and agree upon any changes to those allocations by May 30 of each year.


Individual programs with an allocation of 24-Hour parking shall have discretion to determine the criteria by which access will be distributed among House Officers in the program, but shall base such decisions on which House Officers have the most need for access to parking during peak weekday business hours. Program Directors, or their designees, shall obtain input from Chief Residents and other House Officers in the program in making such determinations, but remain responsible for oversight of this process and final decision-making.


After-Hours Access Program. The Employer will provide access to P3 between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and 24 hours on weekends. Logistics, Parking, and Transportation Services staff personnel may program this access onto the House Officer's annual Blue permit or on the House Officer's UMID badge (MCard) if they do not have a Blue permit. House Officers must park in spaces signed for program use at P3 and can only overflow into P3 patient/visitor parking or P2 when P3 becomes full. There is strict oversight of this program. Violators may face disciplinary action and/or lose their access. Employees must use the entrance/exit lanes assigned for this parking program.


Coupon Access Program. An Employee who has been assigned to an off-site location and is required to return to the Hospital prior to 4:00 p.m. (given that at 4:00pm they will have access to P3) will not have to pay for parking fees incurred in the Patient/Visitor Parking Structure (P2) during the required return period. This provision is intended for occasional, short-term parking and is not to be used for all-day parking. Exit from the parking structure will require a parking coupon with QR code, available primarily through their individual Program Administrators or the Program Administrator's designees. If the Program Administrator is not available, the parking vouchers will be available at the main entrance desk located on floor 1 of the Taubman Center prior to leaving the parking area.


Employees who are called to the Hospital for an emergency consult, whether in the Emergency Department or on a service, may use valet parking at the Emergency Entrance at no expense. Employees must provide the valet attendant with proper identification and indicate which service the consult is related to.


All House Officers with a House Officer level of HO6 and above are eligible to purchase a Gold parking permit.


The Employer reserves the right to modify this arrangement upon two (2) weeks' notice to the Association; provided, however that no such notice will be given until the Association has had the opportunity to discuss the matter with the University in an effort to solve the problem. While the Employer cannot foresee every reason for modification, modification will not be unreasonably exercised, i.e., will not be exercised without good reason. It is understood that impact on Patient/Visitor parking needs would be reason for modification. In any case, however, abuse of this arrangement shall always be reason for modifying the current arrangement. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, the number of Employees who may be eligible for 24/7 access at any given time shall not be less than the current number of three hundred eighty-eight (388) during the term of this Agreement without prior agreement of the Association.


Parking & Transportation Services will communicate changes to parking structures and parking processes to the HOA Board at least two (2) weeks prior to any change. At this point, one (1) parking services contact individual will be identified to communicate with the HOA Board during the transition period, which will begin two (2) weeks before the change and end at a time mutually agreed upon by the HOA Board and the Employer.