Letter of Agreement Regarding House Officers Mental Health Program

May 8, 2023

Throughout the course of these negotiations, the union has presented the need of the University to evaluate the current benefit for House Officers that aids those seeking services for their mental well-being. The parties have discussed and agree that this is a valuable benefit for the essential wellness of our House Officers. With this stated, the parties have also discussed the occasional need for those House Officers who are completing their residency in Psychiatric Services, and the necessity of privacy while seeking these services.

Understanding the importance of integrity for those seeking this service, the Labor Relations Director will work with the union to discover a method that House Officers, completing their residency in Psychiatry, when needed, can obtain these services in a manner that will provide the privacy and comfort level that all patients seek from their healthcare provider. Utilizing the existing medical benefit, mental health services can be obtained in network with non-employed Michigan Medicine mental health care providers. If this provision should no longer be applicable, the parties will meet to confer on the best way possible to provide the benefit and meet the needs of privacy for Psych Residents.


Hakim W. Berry, Director
Labor Relations
Michigan Medicine