The Employer will provide sleep facilities that are safe, quiet and available and accessible to residents and fellows to support education and safe patient care. The Employer shall make a bed available (not on the ground) for every House Officer needing to remain overnight. To this end, not less than seventy-five (75) on-call rooms, with telephones and lockable doors, which accommodate not more than two (2) individuals per room, except that one room will accommodate not more than three (3), will be provided. The number of beds per room can be modified by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Association. Bunk beds may be added in specified on-call rooms by mutual agreement between the Association and the Employer at Association request. Ladders for bunk beds shall be provided. Lockable bins with built-in locks shall be provided in the on-call rooms to protect the personal property of the House Officers. A computer with access to the Health System information system shall be installed in each call room. The Employer will maintain mattresses, furnishings, fixtures, and locks in good repair and will meet with the Association quarterly upon request to review concerns and requests for maintenance of call rooms.


House Officers shall have sufficient access to safe, quiet, and accessible call rooms in any new University owned inpatient facility where House Officers will be assigned to work. At least six (6) months prior to the opening of any such facility, the University and Association shall meet to discuss the terms governing House Officer access to call rooms in that facility.


All call rooms shall be cleaned daily between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with sheets, blankets, towels, wash cloths and soap provided. It is recognized as a joint responsibility to develop and implement a mechanism for House Officers and management to maintain neatness so that Environmental Services can clean each on-call room daily. To this end, a list of contact information will be posted in each room to facilitate problem resolution. It is understood that these rooms are for the use of House Officers only, at all times. Other staff will be restricted from using on-call rooms except for cleaning and maintenance work. Bath and shower facilities, not shared with patients or families shall be made easily available to on-call rooms. Access to shower/toilet rooms shall be made available to House Officers within a reasonable distance from the on-call room.


A list of these rooms and any changes will be provided to the Association by the Employer annually. All changes made to the current list of on-call rooms will be reasonably comparable and by mutual agreement through LMC (Labor-Management Committee). The current list of call rooms may be accessed via the following live link in the online version of this Agreement on the University Human Resources website: Current House Officer Call Room List.


The House Officers Association shall have the right to designate, subject to approval by the Employer, as many as three (3) on-call rooms in University Hospital and one (1) each at the Mott and Women's Hospitals for female use exclusively. These designations may be changed by the House Officers Association, subject to approval by the Employer.


The Employer will secure and maintain adequate call room space for House Officers who are on "home call" status.