House Officers will receive time off without loss of pay to take examinations required by Programs or as part of their Board requirements, including any required sub-specialty in-service exams. House Officers shall record such time as part of their work hours. For in-service exams, House Officers shall register promptly, within seven (7) calendar days of the opening of the registration period, and shall select the testing site that is closest to the University medical campus. For in-service exams only, in the event a House Officer attempts to register within this seven (7) calendar day period but, due to circumstances beyond their control, is unable to register for an exam location within a fifteen (15) mile round trip from University hospital or the House Officer's residence, the House Officer shall inform their Program Director and request approval to incur travel expenses. Upon approval of the Program Director, the House Officer may submit the in-service exam mileage and hotel expenses for reimbursement, out of Departmental funds, pursuant to Article XXXI Reimbursements.