Call Room Cleanliness

Rooms are required to be cleaned daily.

If call rooms are not being cleaned per the Agreement, this is unacceptable to the HOA and your hospital administrators.  

It takes all of us working together to make sure that these spaces are attended to on a daily basis.  Environmental Services has the highest turnover rate of all Health System employees.  This creates a problem when communicating the necessary work needing to be done each day.  This is not an excuse, but a reoccuring staffing issue that creates a problem in work flow.  

When you call the CLEAN line (2-5326), get a name of who you spoke to.  If the issue isn't addressed appropriately and in a timely manner, contact us and we will contact the appropriate parties to see that the issue gets addressed.

All EVS personnel will use keys to access your call rooms in UH.  Please do not give the codes out to anyone who isn't a House Officer, including Medical Students.  If students need a place to store personal items, that's another issue all together that we can help address if it's brought to our attention.