Holiday Pay

Did you work over the Memorial Day? Make sure you get paid.

If you work a holiday listed in the contract, your program will need to be contacted in order for you to get paid. Usually a quick email to your Program Administrator is all that's required.  All requests must be made within 60 days after the holiday.  These holiday hours (any part of the 24-hour period) need to have been reported in MedHub to qualify.

Rates for working a holiday in the fiscal year 2020 are:

HO1 - $161, HO2 - $169, HO3 - $178, HO4 - $187, HO5 -$197, HO6 - $206, HO7 - $217, HO8 - $226

See this FAQ article to make sure you are not leaving any money on the table.

How to Get Paid Everything You Are Owed

Holiday pay, meal money, and cell phone stipends; do not leave money on the table.