Section 1.

The Board will consist of the 4-5 Officers (Executive Board) and the 6 Representatives. The Board will have the power to appoint all Association committees and to exercise supervision over all the activities of the Association.

Section 2.

The Board and administrator will stand ready to assist in addressing the problem of any Association member and will be available for consultation with any member. The Board will have final authority to address all matters involving grievances under the collective bargaining agreement with the University.

Section 3.

Regular meetings of the Board will be held monthly. Special meetings of the Board will be called by the President at his/her discretion or when so directed by 4 members of the Board.

The President or his/her designee will provide reasonable notice of all meetings of the Board. Four members of the Board will constitute a quorum. Each Board member has one vote.

Section 4.

A Board member who is unable to attend a regular or special call meeting of the Board may participate in any action requiring a Board approval by telephonic, written or electronic communication.

Section 5.

The Board will approve or ratify expenditures required for operation of the Association or necessary to promote the legitimate objectives of the Association. Major business or financial decisions affecting the Association will be subject to prior approval by the Board.

Section 6.

Unless otherwise provided, Roberts Rules will govern Executive Board meetings.