The Employer recognizes the Association as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for the purposes of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment for all Employees in the following bargaining unit: All House Officers employed by the Regents of The University of Michigan possessing the equivalent of a minimum of an M.D., D.O., or D.D.S. degree, excluding pharmacy interns, dietetic interns, physical and occupational therapy trainees, nurse anesthetist trainees, chaplaincy interns, and all other employees. Also excluded from the bargaining unit are individuals with House Officer titles who have dry appointments and are paid by an entity external to the University.


A House Officer shall be a physician or dentist who is in a recognized training program and whose normal duties, under the direction of either the attending, courtesy, and/or honorary staff, are to admit patients to the hospital, diagnose or treat patients, and assume all the functions and responsibilities of the House Officer staff including, when appropriate, emergency case service and consultation assignments. House Officers, collectively, shall be known as the House Officer Staff.


For House Officers engaged in certain research activities, see MOU XIII regarding membership in the bargaining unit.


The terms "Employee" and "Employees" used in this Agreement (except where the context indicates otherwise) shall mean a House Officer or House Officers and only identifies those individuals within the bargaining unit described in Paragraphs 2-3.