Unless mutually agreed otherwise by the parties, the twelve (12) month period referenced in Family Medical Care Leave and Benefit Continuation will be an annual twelve (12) consecutive calendar month period commencing on the House Officer's date of hire.


When medically necessary, Family Medical Care Leave may be taken on an intermittent or reduced effort basis, provided, however, the House Officer shall: a) make all reasonable efforts to schedule any required treatment(s) so as not to unduly disrupt the Department's operations and, b) notify the Department as far in advance as possible. The total time off shall not exceed the limits described in this Article.


House Officers taking leaves on a reduced or intermittent basis may be reassigned to other assignments similar to the ones held before the leave which better accommodate leave taken on a reduced or intermittent basis. No reassignment shall result in a reduction of wages or benefit(s) levels which were in place prior to the leave.


Upon return from, or completion of, the first twelve (12) weeks of a Family Care Leave, the House Officer will immediately resume their assignment at the level prior to the leave.