A House Officer who gives birth shall receive six (6) weeks of total paid time for the physiological recovery from childbirth. A House Officer who gives birth by Cesarean section shall receive an additional two (2) weeks of paid Serious Illness Leave for physical recovery, pursuant to Section B of this Article. In either case, if additional time off is medically required for recovery, the House Officer will be granted Serious Illness leave under Section B of this Article. The six (6) week period of Maternity Leave, plus any additional Serious Illness Leave as described above, if requested by the House Officer, is to be used during the period immediately following delivery of the child. Regardless of when the time is taken, it is to be taken for a consecutive period of time. A House Officer who elects to take less than six (6) weeks for paid time for childbirth must present a written release from her physician to return to work.