Except as provided in paragraph 106, House Officers shall be entitled to twenty-eight (28) days of vacation time per twelve (12) months of employment, inclusive of weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Therefore, a maximum of twenty (20) of these twenty-eight (28) days will occur on a Monday through Friday schedule. In the event a Program assigns and schedules vacation time by the month, no more than thirty-one (31) days of vacation time, inclusive of weekends, will be provided.


The underlying principle is equity among all House Officers at all levels, with each being eligible for four (4) weeks of vacation time per academic year.


A House Officer with a part-time appointment, either by FTE effort or employment within the twelve (12) month vacation period, will be entitled to vacation time, in direct proportion to their appointment.


Vacation shall be scheduled to meet the requirements of the Employer on a departmental basis with due consideration given to the Employee's wishes as to time and duration. The actual scheduling of vacations shall be the responsibility of the Program Director or equivalent level of supervision. Such vacations will be scheduled as a regular and routine part of service assignments over the course of the year. Once a vacation request is approved, the Employer shall not unilaterally change or cancel the approved vacation unless the Employer has implemented its Emergency Operations Plan pursuant to UMHS Policy 01-02-000. Either the Employee or the Program Director may initiate a request for a change to previously approved vacation, but any changes must be mutually agreed upon. Vacations are not cumulative and can only be taken during the current vacation period. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to limit vacation entitlement as outlined in this Article.


Vacation time may be requested for job interviews. Vacation time may also be requested for medical conferences that have not been approved by the Program Director pursuant to paragraph 115. Such requests will not be unreasonably denied.


Any request for time off beyond the allotted vacation days, that is not subject to any other applicable article of this agreement, will be without pay and subject to approval from the Program Director.


Paid vacation time may be used to off-set deficits in training due to a Leave of Absence (LOA), to the extent allowed by the national certifying Board and following the processes and procedures identified by the Employer.


A month is defined as either a calendar month or a period of time running from any date in a calendar month through the next preceding date in the next calendar month (e.g. January 15 through February 14).


A vacation day shall be a calendar day, which is defined as a twenty-four (24) hour period commencing at 12:00 am and ending at 11:59 pm. When necessary to compute a day's pay, it shall be 1/365 of the Employee's annual salary rate at the time a deduction is taken.


A vacation period will run for a twelve (12) month period immediately following the commencement of the Employee's appointment.