A House Officer, who is in good standing and who informs their Program Director that they intend to continue their current residency program at the University, shall be granted a leave of absence without pay for the period of required active duty when he (1) is inducted for active duty military service through the selective service system or (2) volunteers for active duty military service rather than being inducted or (3) is assigned to alternate service through the selective service system in lieu of being inducted. Following such a leave of absence, the House Officer, who receives a certificate of satisfactory completion of service, applies for reinstatement within ninety (90) days after release from active duty, and is still qualified to perform as a House Officer, shall be returned to House Officer responsibilities and duties at the appropriate House Officer level. Such return shall be at substantially the same point in time as the date of departure and continue at least until the following June 30, provided performance during this period is satisfactory.