The Association and its officials will not cause, support, encourage, or condone, nor shall any Employee or Employees take part in any concerted action against or any concerted interference with the operations of the Employer, such as the failure to report for duty, the absence from one's position, the stoppage of work, or the failure, in whole or in part, to fully, faithfully, and properly perform the duties of employment. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to limit individual participation in an activity that is unrelated to the employment relationship.


In the event of any such action or interference, and on notice from the Employer, the Association, through its officials, will immediately disavow such action or interference and act affirmatively to prevent or bring about the termination of such action or interference by instructing any and all Employees to cease their misconduct and informing them that this misconduct is a violation of the Agreement, subjecting them to disciplinary action, including discharge.


If the Association, through its officials, performs its obligations as set forth in this Article, the Employer agrees that it will not file or prosecute any action for damages against the Association or its officials. Nothing herein, however, shall preclude the Employer from proceeding against any Employee involved in such action or interference.