During the term of this Agreement managed care and fee-for-service health insurance plans that include medical and prescription drug benefits equivalent to existing coverage in effect at the execution date of this Agreement will be provided and maintained.


The Group Health Insurance Plan shall be as provided by the Employer in the same manner and to the same extent as provided to non-bargained for employees.


If, during the term of this Agreement, a federal or state law is enacted which requires the payment of taxes or premiums to either the federal or state government or another entity for hospital or medical benefits for employees, the University may make such adjustments in the schedules of benefits provided by this Article to avoid duplication of benefits. In addition, any such taxes or premiums paid by the University shall be included in the total dollar limitation provided in this Article.


Employees who do not enroll in a health insurance plan within thirty (30) days of the eligibility date will be automatically enrolled in the BCN Premier Care Plan.