Effective FY25 an alternative jacket can be made available for programs that do not utilize white coats on all rotations. The alternative jackets must be approved by the Department Chair and Program Director to be worn during clinical rotations. Each program will establish a standard to be used for all incoming House Officers. Upon a program's request, a House Officer shall be required to facilitate the identification of the alternative jacket for program approval, collection of sizes, ordering, and distribution to the eligible House Officers within their program. House Officer input should be solicited when identifying alternative jacket options. The alternative jackets shall not require name embroidery, laundering by the Employer, or replacement. The total cost of the white coat(s) and/or alternative jacket provided shall not exceed the current cost through the University's prime vendor of 3 white coats for an individual House Officer. Should the purchase of alternative jackets exceed the allowable amount, the Department is responsible for the cost difference.