During the term of this Agreement, and as provided in this Article, the Employer will deduct Association dues from the salary, if any, of each employee who authorizes such a deduction by filling out a Voluntary Authorization for Deduction of Association Dues form prepared by the Association and using language as provided below. Previously submitted authorizations shall remain effective. Employees will deliver Voluntary Authorization for Deduction of Association Dues forms to the Association. The Association will provide the Employer with a copy of the signed authorization forms for each house officer authorizing dues deduction. This authorization form may include an electronic signature so long as proof of receipt of the electronic signature can be demonstrated as in the past. These notifications will be accomplished via delivery of all legally required information to the University payroll office on mutually-agree upon dates in a mutually agreed-upon electronic format.


I hereby authorize UMHS to deduct from my wages each month excluding July and August, and to pay the House Officers Association (HOA), an amount equal to the monthly dues and assessments, or representational fees or charges that may apply in lieu thereof, as a result of my representation by HOA. I further direct that such amounts so deducted shall be turned over each month to the Director of the HOA for and on my behalf.

I authorize these deductions for, and in consideration of, the Association's activities in representing me for collective bargaining and other purposes, and without regard to my present or future membership in the Association.

This authorization and assignment is made voluntarily and of my own free will, and shall be irrevocable for the term of the applicable contract between the HOA and my employer or for one year, whichever is the lesser, and shall automatically renew itself for successive yearly or applicable contract periods thereafter, whichever is the lesser, unless I give written notice of my desire to revoke same to the HOA and Employer on a form provided by the Employer.

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