The Employer shall provide the Association a list of: First name, Last name, UMID, Sex, Birthdate, HO level, Date in Class, Salary rate from the Employer (different than the FTE rate for grant funded), Status, Permanent Address, Home Phone, Department Number, Program, Business Phone, e-mail address, unique name and pager numbers, and if applicable, leave of absence and termination status. The Employer shall furnish the Association a copy of this information at monthly intervals thereafter The Association may request reports on House Officers on an ad hoc basis from the contract administrator. The Association shall retain any report information in confidence and disclose it only to those whose Association duties, or duties on behalf of the Association, require them to have such information. Problem solving around issues that arise with such lists and information shall occur through the Labor-Management Committee or Conferences, which can be requested by either party. The Employer endeavors to provide accurate information and will communicate any known exceptions in all information provided to the Association. The Employer will correct any inaccuracies reported by the Association, in a timely manner.