The Employer intends to make a good-faith commitment not to terminate a House Officer during the course of their training program because of economic issues. It is agreed that there shall be Association representatives on institutional committees considering residency number decreases. In the event of a reduction of Employees or an elimination of bargaining unit positions that may affect an Employee in any future appointment year, the Employer shall notify the Association and Employees who could be affected as soon as practicable after the Employer has reason to believe the change may be implemented. In the event of application of this paragraph, the Employer would make every effort to provide notification by November 1, prior to a July 1 reduction. In this regard, the University, through the Graduate Medical Education Office, shall provide annual reports to the Association, giving any changes in the number of House Officer positions in each department or section. In the event of a House Officer being terminated because of external forces, out-placement (career counseling and support) services will be offered by the Employer. The Association shall have the opportunity to advise the Employer of its position in regard to any such reduction of Employees or elimination of positions prior to its implementation when this is possible.