Changes in the health care industry impact the University of Michigan Health System and the House Officers who are employed under this Agreement. The Employer recognizes that these changes may impact the House Officer's workload and educational experience. Therefore, it is the intent of the Employer to:

  1. Continue on-going communication regarding House Officer workload changes through the Labor-Management Committee (LMC).
  2. Ensure that each Program has a scheduling advisory group, Chaired by Program leadership with House officer representation, that meets at least twice a year to:
    1. discuss anticipated operational needs;
    2. review work schedules; and
    3. solicit House Officer input for approaches to meeting anticipated staffing needs that will also assist House Officers with managing their professional and personal responsibilities.

As an alternative to establishing a distinct scheduling advisory group, the Program may incorporate these requirements into an existing joint committee with House Officer representation. Each Program shall identify its scheduling advisory group or joint committee within sixty (60) days of ratification of this Agreement, and annually thereafter.

The Program Director retains final discretion regarding work schedules.

For The Regents of
The University of Michigan

By: Wade Baughman

The University of Michigan
House Officers Association

By: Dr. Kyle Johnson