The individual Program Directors are required to approve and monitor House Officers' moonlighting activities on a yearly basis. House Officers, in turn, are required to notify their Program Director of all moonlighting activity prior to commencement as well as follow the institutional and program moonlighting policy. The Program Directors will provide all program House Officers with the moonlighting policy and the "Moonlighting Request Form", to be completed. This information is in turn submitted to the GME Office, as the ACGME requires that participating institutions maintain documentation of a House Officer's extracurricular medical practice. It is the Program Director's responsibility to determine if any moonlighting activities are in compliance with the institutional guidelines, and if not, take corrective action to remedy the infraction. Any House Officer found to be misrepresenting or underreporting moonlighting activity will be banned from additional moonlighting for the duration of their training, and the HOA and the GME Office will be notified. Additional disciplinary action can be taken at the discretion of the Program Director, following the guidelines explained elsewhere.