A House Officer who has a preventive medical or dental appointment, shall receive paid time off, not exceeding eight (8) hours per year. Preventative Care time is intended to be taken in full or half day increments. However, Preventative Care time may also be taken in increments of less than a half day to accommodate a late arrival or early departure for the purpose of attending a preventative appointment. The House Officer must provide their Program Director with at least forty-five (45) days advance notice of the need to take Preventative Care time, on a form provided by the Employer. The Program will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the requested date, but approval is subject to operational and patient care needs. Within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the properly submitted request, the Program Director or their designee will either confirm or deny the requested date. If the requested date cannot be accommodated, the Program Director, or their designee, and the House Officer will meet upon request of either party to discuss and agree on an alternative. Upon request, the House Officer will make reasonable efforts to assist the program in securing coverage for any assigned duties. Final approval of the requested date is at the discretion of the Program Director.