In order to provide additional means of communication with its membership, the Association will be provided access to designated bulletin boards in all major hospital buildings (e.g. University Hospital, Women's & Children's, CVC, Kellogg), including new and replacement buildings. The number of bulletin boards per building should be proportional to the volume of resident traffic in a given building, and can be agreed upon between the Association and the Employer.


Bulletin Boards and email are the means for communicating written materials to the Employees by the Association. The Employer's mail distribution system is not available for use by the Association, except that the Association may hand deliver and place communications in a House Officer's mailbox.


The Employer shall provide the Association with lockable bulletin boards designated for its exclusive use in not less than twelve (12) mutually agreeable areas, including one outside the House Officer Association offices, for the purpose of posting Association notices. Association bulletin boards are to be available in all major hospital structures, including new and replacement buildings. Each bulletin board shall be sufficient to hold four (4), eight (8) inch by eleven (11) inch notices. Such notices shall be approved by a responsible officer of the Association. The content of these notices may include, but is not limited to information regarding:

  1. Association meetings;
  2. Association elections and appointments;
  3. Results of Association elections;
  4. Recreational and social events of the Association;
  5. General communication relevant to the Association's role as a collective bargaining agent.


In the event of a dispute concerning the appropriateness of material posted, the President of the Association will be advised of the nature of the dispute. If the dispute is not resolved within forty-eight (48) hours, the notices will be removed until the dispute is resolved.


House Officers shall have access to their Association Representatives without any undue burden. In facilities where more than 25% of the Association bargaining unit provides patient care, the Employer will support House Officers having secure, convenient, and private access to HOA representatives. To that end, the Employer will provide Association Staff:

  1. Access to all House Officer-designated work rooms or respite spaces.
  2. Access to the University's Internet/Intranet;
  3. Continued access to daily parking on the same terms and conditions as the University's parking programs are made available to University staff. No new Gold parking AVI's will be issued to HOA staff.