Cell Phone Stipend

How to make sure you get your $60 cell phone stipend each month.

Why a cell phone stipend?

Michigan Medicine recognizes that House Officers use their personal devices to perform work on a daily basis. To that end, we have negotiated a $60 monthly stipend to House Officers in order to offset the cost of maintaining their personal devices.


In order to be eligible for the stipend, a House Officer must:

  • Turn in the Verification Statement for Stipend Form
  • The form is typically obtained from your program coordinator
  • Keep their personal device compliant with the University security policy
    • This includes but is not limited to...
    • Installing the University's mobile device management software

InTune Enrollment Instructions

If at any point you decide to remove the University software from your device, inform your program coordinator so that the stipend can be terminated. This will be enforced by occasional audits.

New and Incoming House Officers

If you are a House Officer starting work in July, make sure the most up-to-date Verification Statement for Stipend Form is in the paperwork you received from your program administrator. If you have not received this form, please request the most recent version from your program administrator. Please also let the HOA know the form was not included with your onboarding paperwork.

Cell Phone Verification Statement for Stipend (v5.0)

Linked above is the most recent version of the form (v5.0) provided to the HOA by the University. If you have not received a copy from your program before July 1, complete and turn in this version to your program administrator before July 1.

If there is a more up-to-date version, your program may ask you to fill that one out instead, but in order to get your $60 for July without an issue, it is advised that you return this version to your program coordinator before your start date.

If you do not turn in a completed form before July 1, you will not receive your July Stipend.

Official Language

Please see the official contract language about the cell phone stipend below:


294 - The Employer recognizes that the work performed by House Officers is facilitated by the ability to respond via phone for patient care and to remotely access sensitive institutional and confidential patient data establishes a demonstrable need for those House Officers to use their personal cell phones in service to the Employer.

295 - In recognition of this need, the Employer agrees to pay a monthly cell phone stipend, in accordance with University policy, in the amount of sixty dollars ($60.00) per month for all House Officers. In accordance with this policy, the House Officer is responsible for purchasing the cell phone and related service contract with their personal funds.

296 - In order for the stipend to be payable, the House Officer will be required to complete a Verification Statement for Stipend Form and provide it to their Program Administrator. The form will be e-mailed directly to every incoming House Officer, and will be available for download online. The Verification Statement for Stipend Form shall be submitted only after employment has commenced, to ensure that the required security applications have been installed. If the completed form is received on or before the 15th of the month, the stipend shall be payable in the same month the form was submitted. If the form is received after the 15th, the stipend shall be payable starting with the next full month of employment.


In order to qualify for and maintain receipt of the monthly stipend, the House Officer will ensure that their cell phone remains in compliance with University policy regarding the security of personally owned devices that access or maintain sensitive institutional and/or patient data including, but not limited to, the installation of any required security software on their cell phone, and will install any applications as required by the University for the performance of the House Officer's responsibilities. The House Officer will notify their Program Administrator if, at any time, their cell phone ceases to comply with University Policies regarding the security of personally owned devices. So long as the phone remains in compliance, and there is no break in employment, the original Verification for Stipend Form will remain valid for all years of continuous employment as a House Officer.