What employment benefits does the health system offer to house officers?

Resources related to your health, perscription, dental and vision plans; as well as retirement and disability.

As your representative, the House Officer Association bargains for your compensation and benefits as part of the terms and conditions of employment found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Your employer, the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health System administers these plans.  Accordingly, House Officers have their own benefit group.

Please view the information profived by the health system on the University of Michigan Human Resorces Website.

If you have an questions about the Long Term Disability plan adminstered through Flynn Benefits, please review this HOA FAQ article: FAQ 00ABJ - How does house officer disability insurance work?

If you have an specific question about your benefits or questions concerning payroll, you can call 734-615-2000, University of Michigan Human Resorces.  

You can manage your plans via Wolverine Access using your level 1 password.