House Officer Lactation Spaces

Locations and access instructions for the lactation spaces the HOA has provided to house officers.

House Officer Only Lactation Rooms

The HOA has converted two spaces for House Officer only lactation, one in Univeristy Hospital, and one in the C&W call suite. The rooms have keypad locks and are equipped with workstations, telephones, breast pumps, and refrigerators.

  • University Hospital: 4A 4101
  • C&W: 3-954

Please call the HOA Office X69205 or use the Help Button link to obtain the code to either lock. Please let us know if either room is not being cleaned by EVS.

Mamava Lactation Pod

House Officer Lounge

There is a Mamava Solo located in the HOA Lounge (UH2-F208). The unit was paid for through a gift from the Michigan Medicine Alumni Society and HOA funds. The Mamava provides a private space within the HOA lounge for house officers to pump. There is an electrical outlet for your breast pump, and a USB port to charge your phone.

To unlock the pod download the Mamava app. If the app is not working, or you prefer not to use it, ask Robin or Steve for the code. Please also let them know if the pod needs to be cleaned. Use the contact Help Button to send a message if they are not in the office.