Medical Society Memberships for House Officers

2021 Membership for House Officers: Amplify Your Voice with the Michigan State Medical Society and Washtenaw County Medical Society

Your Representation is Now More Important than Ever

The practice of medicine is both political and clinical. Physicians can’t take proper care of patients without some connection and understanding to the politics of medicine. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the gaps in the healthcare system. More than ever, we need to act collectively to achieve a more effective and equitable system. Now is the time to work together to improve our public health system; ensure adequate supplies of critical PPE, vaccines, and equipment; and provide the support that physicians need to care for all of Michigan’s citizens. Fortunately, you have a tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact in this process through the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) and the Washtenaw County Medical Society (WCMS). 

The two organizations work together on the state and local levels to connect with legislators, influence legislation and policies, and alert you of critical issues influencing patients and the practice of medicine. Additionally, MSMS and WCMS amplify physicians’ voices at the federal level by working with the American Medical Association (AMA). 

The 2021 membership rate for House Officers is $25. Follow the links to sign-up or renew your membership (January-December 2021) and amplify your voice today.

With your membership, you will have access to:

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly publications discussing pressing health care issues,
  • Local and state event invites focusing on timely public health issues,
  • Networking opportunities with physician colleagues and elected officials from Washtenaw County and across the state,
  • Input into the legislative and regulatory efforts occurring now in response to the pandemic,
  • On-Demand CME opportunities,
  • Dedicated physician advocacy alerts,
  • The direct attention of Michigan’s elected leaders, and so much more.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your membership is to serve on a committee or task force. To learn about these opportunities and to indicate your interest, please click here: https://forms.gle/hDfExikaNAQzwLQq5

Questions about membership should be directed to WCMS Executive Director Gabrielle Szlenkier at gszlenkier@wcms-mi.org or (734) 668-6241. 

More information can be located on the MSMS and WCMS websites.