Access to Your Employment/Training Record

Your right to rebut under Michigan Compiled Law.

Mich. Comp. Laws §§ 423.501 to 423.505

Employers affected: Employers with 4 or more employees.

Employee access to records: Current or former employees are entitled to review personnel records at reasonable intervals, generally not more than twice a year.

Written request required: Yes. The request must describe the record the employee wants to review.  (Training or Personnel)

Conditions for viewing records: Employees may view records during normal office hours either at or reasonably near the worksite. If these hours would require the employee to take time off work, the employer must provide another reasonable time for review.

Copying records: After reviewing files, an employee may get a copy; the employer may charge only the actual cost of duplication. If an employee is unable to view files at the worksite, the employer, upon receipt of a written request, must mail the employee a copy.

Employee’s right to insert rebuttal: If an employee disagrees with any information in the record and cannot reach an agreement with the employer to remove or correct it, the employee may submit a written statement explaining his or her position. The statement may be no longer than five 8.5” by 11” pages.